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How long have I been in this storm?
You will catch me if I fall.
"Oh no, I just keep on falling, back to same hole." 
23rd-Jul-2007 12:51 am

New relationships. Want to go to Friday’s? We know where you sleep. You like WHO? Maybe we can just skip class and go to the beach. I love everything about you. His name is Josh. I think we can make it work. Whatever it takes. How about Wal-Mart, ice cream, and margarita mix? I think I’m pregnant. This is the most exciting thing ever!!! They’re an Orlando based band. IDK, my BFF Jill? Turn that shit off. People need new names. Old relationships. Warped Tour. Senses failed. I like the seedy underbelly of it all. I know, but it’s a better idea if there’s more than one head in... the idea. Does your counterpart have a cell phone? She’s like, the sweetest thing. Let’s bounce. Oh no you didn’t. I might be going the speed limit, but it’s unlikely.


Dear Life,

 I love you.



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