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How long have I been in this storm?
You will catch me if I fall.
"And here we go again..." 
30th-Aug-2007 11:21 pm
My face looks like someone beat it with a stick, I'm working a 60 hour week, school started on Tuesday, my feet are messed up again, maybe even surgery worthy, I'm not sleeping enough, I go out every night for dinner, and my house is so cold that the floor is icy.

I LOVE LIFE. This is what being young is about. I don't mind running my ass off if I'm happy and I am SO happy.

Though, to be honest, I wish my face looked a little better.

2nd-Oct-2007 08:03 am (UTC)
Hey there sweetums.

I know I am the worst friend ever and I am so sorry I just feel off the face of the earth like tat, but honestly, life has made it hard to even open my eyes in the mornings lately.

I miss you! Delilah came on he radio today and I felt so bad for neglecting you I cried for an hour after wards. I still love you so much, and I will e back around from now on. Don't hate me please! and please don't say you have forgoten me.
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